Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Migraine Be Gone - Without heavy drugs?

PEPPERMINT OIL as a headache remedy - PASSED THE TEST!

At various times each year I have had an ocular migraine headache.  It's bad to have a headache but even worse when one begins with the loss of vision and ends in immense pain.

I awoke one morning at a friends house and noticed my center vision was disappearing.  "OH NO!" I thought.  I was visiting friends who lived at the beach no less and now? Now was the time for a headache!  I popped a tylenol (the only way I knew to begin to diminish the pain and get my vision to start coming back.)  After a while of hiding in the back bedroom my husband finally told them what was happening.

To my surprise, their answer was to pull out a bottle of peppermint oil.  If you've never used essential oils, no worry they are always strange in the beginning and most everyone is hesitant :).

A few drops massaged on the balls of my feet, a dab at the base of my head and poof the pain was actually beginning to subside!  Instead of being "out of commission" for 24 hours I was able to join the crowd and have a wonderful vacation.

This is all a true story.  Try it for yourself but only use therapeutic pure grade oils:  Anything else is just another chemical making it's way into your organs.   Don't get me wrong, sometimes Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen have been known to make their way back into my life; mostly because I doubt natural remedies can be that effective again.  I am usually wrong.  I have to go back to the basics - Natural remedies are not cliche, goofy, or weird...they work with the body quite well and I need to remind myself of this.

Peppermint oil is now my go to for any headache just beginning or already causing me grief.

(ocular migraine info:http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/ocular-migraine.htm)

I in no way am a sales lady.  I only want to share what I've learned through experimentation because it's by the experiences of others that I have discovered what helps me and my family.
That being said, I love essential oils so much and am super picky on which ones are best, that I am a distributor of Young Living so if you are interested just let me know or order yourself at the link below and click the referred by a sponsor square.  Sponsor # is 1557832

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