Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Natural Beautiful Hair - Our daughters regimen

Keeping our daughter's hair chemical and frizz free takes work but with a few secrets we are managing it quite well.

The picture above is not our daughter but it does show just how curly her hair type is and how easy it could frizz if not well maintained.

Let's begin....
Speaking of beginnings, it's never too early to start hair care for your Bi-racial or African American hair type.  Our daughter entered this world with a lot of hair and it never rubbed off but only grew and grew and grew.  Her hair care started from a month old and has continued for 13 additional months.

What's the secret to non frizzy beautiful curls?  Moisture and Time!!!! (okay so not a shock)
We do not over wash her hair.  Once every 2 weeks she gets a Conditioning Cleanser (so no shampooing).  Then on the in-between week we Shampoo it to get the scalp squeaky clean.  Just prior to the shower we use buttermilk lotion or straight coconut oil for 24 hours the day before.  After rinsing the shampoo out completely, we add some curl milk for moisture and make sure to comb with a wide tooth comb immediately to detangle.

Daily I use a shine spray and either a dab of hair milk or smoothie lotion to style and keep it well hydrated.  Nearly every time we head out to the park, mall, or store we get a lot of compliments on how cute she is and how amazingly healthy her hair looks.

Frizz is an enemy to those with curly hair but it can't be defeated.  Try any coconut or argan oil when you feel it starting to get dry.  Just run it through coating the hair then pull the hair back and leave it to sit for hours.  Rinse and be amazed at the smoothness you will feel.

The hair natural/organic products we use for our sweet girl are made by Shea Moisture and they do make a baby line.  And as usual, I add the disclaimer....I do not work for them nor do I get any kind of compensation for recommending their company.  I simply know it works great on my daughter's hair and am happy to refer any product that genuinely makes our lives simpler and better.

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