Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Natural Remedy for Snotty Noses and Congested Cough

Natural Remedies for a snotty nose or congestion and cough - Eucalyptus oil PASSED THE TEST!

So our daughter was sick for the last 2 weeks and our son as well before I remembered to visit my oil cabinet.  What is wrong with me?  It always takes my "wits end" before I remember what worked the last time.

At any rate, I plugged up my diffuser and added a couple drops of eucalyptus oil.  Twice a day for 36 hours I would either diffuse by water vapor or burning the oil over a candle and voila!... the kids cough and runny noses dried right up.

Apparently, the oil is known for being a cold and flu remedy.  But don't take my word alone, here's an article I found that helped me have confidence in experimenting.

Discovery Health How Stuff Works

Again, I make the following claim:

I in no way am a sales lady.  I only want to share what I've learned through experimentation because it's by the experiences of others that I have discovered what helps me and my family.
That being said, I love essential oils so much and am super picky on which ones are best, that I am a distributor of Young Living so if you are interested just let me know or order yourself at the link below and click the referred by a sponsor square.  Sponsor # is 1557832

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