Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Natural Remedy for Ear Infection

GARLIC OIL as a home ear remedy - PASSED THE TEST!

As children my brother and I had ear trouble and even had tubes and ear surgery.  So when my toddler began having ear infections and antibiotics regularly I decided to look for alternative answers.

Let me just say...I love the idea of using natural elements over chemicals but I am also a super cautious mother worrying about risking further injury with my desire to look for answers and experiment with them.

Well today, Noah with his sweet eyes and soft voice (usually boisterous) says to me, "mommy my ear hurts, my ear really hurts."  Thoughts flashed through my head: "oh no, we leave for a conference this weekend, can't be getting sick again." "no more antibiotics please!" "what can I or should I do?".

Noah is allergic to Penicillin so the strong stuff is prescribed to kill the infection quickly.  No thanks!  No more!

I did it, I googled my options as I had done in times past but this one was different.  I have to try something before packing up and heading to the Dr. and pharmacy yet again.

Out of all the options I've read: colloidal silver, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon oil, and garlic; I chose garlic.  I mean come on, we eat it so how bad can experimenting with this be?


According to several posts I read I poured a quarter cup of olive oil into a double broiler, minced up 4 garlic cloves and let it warm on low for one hour.  The house smelled like my grandmother's teriyaki.  After it has cooled back down to room temp. I needed to strain off the minced garlic with a cheese or very fine cloth so that all that remained was the garlic infused oil.
After Noah's nap came time for the application.  Hands shaking as I drip a kitchen concoction down my sons ear canal.

Additional steps and tips I tired: I found it best to turn on a movie or show and have the child lay with the infected ear up.  Drop in four drops of the oil at room temp.  Place a damp washcloth and something warm over top of that to produce a damp heat and have the child lay for 20 to 30 minutes.  Repeat twice a day for two days.


It works!!!!!  It stinks, but it is very effective.  In fact, Noah felt slightly warm on across his head and after the drops were in a few minutes his head was completely cool the touch and he was running around happy.  We did this twice a day for two days and then he did not complain of his ear hurting at all.


Buy the drops and have them on hand.  The process of making an oil is cheap but then when you consider how much of your olive oil and garlic + time you use, it is worth just buying something like "Herbs4Kids, Willow/Garlic Oil Ear Support drops".  The Herbs4Kids brand is also a preventative so for a weekly or monthly ear cleaning just drop a couple in each ear before they head to bed.

**note I do not in any way work for Herbs4Kids, it's just the brand I've found to be most effective for our son.  http://www.drvita.com/p-7825-Herbs-For-Kids-Willow-and-Garlic-Ear-Oil-Drops--1-fl-oz.aspx?catargetid=1920411439&cadevice=%7Bdevice%7D&gclid=CIC8oN2a4LoCFTHxOgodSB8AjQ

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